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I am a family portrait photographer that specializes in families with special needs children. Just like you I am perfectly imperfect and pride myself on documenting life with bold and emotional images through authentic laughter. After all, family is a sweet tangle of love and chaos.​

I believe family photos help us connect to those who came before us. For me, photography is more than just capturing a moment for your family; it’s about preserving these memories for generations to come. Each photograph is a glimpse into your lives for you to share amongst your children enabling them to become connected to their own story. ​

So why choose me? Easy; by choosing me as your photographer it allows YOU to be part of the memory.

Yes, that means getting in the picture and embracing the season of life you're in. Trust me. The love and connection in these moments will far exceed any "flaw" you may feel you have. Self love is hard, I know, and sometimes that prevents us from getting in those family portraits and being part of the memory. You should be proud of all you have done to get to where you are today. I promise you, your kids will thank you for it. Remember, we are all loved exactly as we are. ​

Why not make this memory a tradition. Have fun together, laugh a lot and I’ll take care of the rest! And hey since you’re already dressed up, make this an event and go out to eat together as a family to reward yourself for your hard work or drop the kids off and make it a date night!

​Our photographs are proudly featured on the mantles and walls of our client’s loving homes.

XoXo,  Amy