Virtual Bunny Sessions

Easter is next month and we realize it’s not perfectly safe to take your littles to visit the Easter Bunny!


We want to help by offering a Virtual Easter Bunny Session for the month of March 2021! 

For the price of a coffee you can have an Easter Bunny portrait of your kids/family from the comfort

of your home.

Here's what you do in 3 easy steps!

1.) Snap a picture with your camera or phone.

       - Pro tip:  solid indoor or shady outdoor background with good lighting on your faces (not too bright/dark and no shadows).

2.) Send us your image in an email here.

       - No customization requests will be taken. Image will be as you see it, with your own photograph.

3.) Head over to and buy us a coffee ( or two ).

      - Make sure you use the same name as your email.

Once we verify you have bought us a coffee, your virtual Easter Bunny digital picture will be emailed back to you within 48 hours! Must buy at least one coffee before delivery; no refunds. No professional images will be used without consent from photographer.

VALID the whole month of March 2021

Did you know you can now support our small business by heading over to

Click on the coffee cup and check it out. 

*Don't forget to follow us when you get there.

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