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My name is Amy and I am blessed to be a wife to my high school sweetheart and mother to our four amazingly spirited children (one of which is an angel baby).

My passion is to make your family experience full of fun and giggles.

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Preparing for a smash session

Please note*** If you want cake smash pictures for your baby’s birthday invitations, contact us by the time your baby is between 10 - 11 months old so we can schedule the session (plus editing time) so you get your images back in time for the party.

  1. There are two outfits are allowed: A first birthday outfit, and the cake smash “attire” (outfits available to borrow). The first few shots will be traditional first birthday portraits, non messy. Then take a few minutes to change your baby into their cake smash “attire”. There will be one backdrop.

  2. Let your baby have cake at least two times the week prior to your session. This way they will be familiar with cake enough to move past the exploration phase and they can get excited about it like the rest of us! Not all babies like the feeling or texture of cake. Some babies don’t like it at all and get upset when it won’t easily wipe off, and some babies are very interested in it and examine it very seriously.

  3. Please let us know ahead of time what color combo you prefer so we can make sure we everything we need in stock ahead of time. It takes several weeks to receive a special order so the sooner we know, the better chance you’ll have of getting what you want.

  4. Most babies simply wear a a simple outfit for the cake smash. A color or pattern-coordinating cloth or designer diaper is fine. Some parents prefer to do the cake smash with the baby fully clothed instead of in a diaper, and this is totally fine just be aware that the clothes and diaper cover COULD be ruined by the icing coloring. (which is why we don’t provide the clothing!!)

  5. If your baby has a fever or is not feeling well on the day of the session, then it needs to be rescheduled. We will not get good results and good smiles if your baby isn’t feeling well.

  6. Have some puffs, Cheerios or your baby’s favorite dry finger food on hand to stuff into the cake in case they need help being a little more interested in it.

  7. Also have a spill proof cup or bottle within arms reach in case your baby gets thirsty. Your baby will need a little break.

  8. We may offer your child a spoon in case we need to give your baby a little “help” smashing into the cake. Some babies are very clean and dainty with the cake and need some adult help getting messy so stay close.

  9. Be prepared to get messy. You may possibly get a little dirty by placing the child back on set for those that crawl off or may need a hug from from you while enjoying their cake. Bring extra clothing just in case.

  10. You can have the cake smash outside. There are many things to consider about the possibility of an outdoor cake smash: The session must be scheduled according to the best natural lighting (usually around sunset), which may not coincide with your baby’s nap time. Outdoor cake smashes are usually on the ground on top of a blanket or cloth. These sessions may include portable props such as a small teepee or banner. Please bring an extra outfit and wipes with you to aid in clean up.