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My name is Amy and I am blessed to be a wife to my high school sweetheart and mother to our four amazingly spirited children (one of which is an angel baby).

My passion is to make your family experience full of fun and giggles.

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No Rush

I am often reminded to slow down when photographing toddlers. How is that when they are running non stop?! This sweet little boy started off all dressed up ready to go and play but it was clear after a few minutes that he wasn't happy. Something was bothering him. He was very upset and all the normal calming tricks was just not working. After some troubleshooting his mom realized that his shoes (which new) were the issue. So what did we do? We sat together on the path, with his shoes off, and a drink and a snack and just slowed down. Mom and I talked while he found his calm and relaxed. Soon after we ready to run around and chase those smiles with his dimples for all to see. No rush, Slow down, Remember the little things.