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My name is Amy and I am blessed to be a wife to my high school sweetheart and mother to our four amazingly spirited children (one of which is an angel baby).

My passion is to make your family experience full of fun and giggles.

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Indoor Fishing; Yup That's Right!

WYATT! With your beautiful ocean blue eyes and killer smile, you are gonna break some hearts my friend. This was such a fun set up. From the old wooden sign hanging on the fishing boat to the crushed graham cracker sand this was the perfect recipe for a fun filled messy cake smash. Not all kiddos like new textures. We started very slowly adding the sand to get him used to it and to my delightful surprise he went all in. I mean head first tongue out into the graham cracker sand and he LOVED IT! Then we brought out the cake, a bait bucket with gummy worms (mom and dad were very close by just in case). It was priceless. See for yourself...

Cake by the incredible: Brittany at Just One More Sweets