Party Of Five

It is hard enough to get one child of any age ready for a portrait session but five?

This mama certainly brought her "A" game when she decided to have her children wearing her handmade shirts. The kids may not have been super happy about it in the beginning they certainly left all that behind when we reached our destination. I love how she let them add their own personality to their outfits. Each child unique and different from the next. We had some fun conversations once we started their individual pictures. We talked about school, sports, who they like and cartoons. As you can see in the 2nd photo the baby decided she was all done with me and started to run for the hills (to mom and dad lol) but luckily she ran straight and it made for one fun capture but the best part was what happened next. Her siblings called her back and ALL of them put their hands out for her to come sit on their lap. Melt my heart she did.

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