Life Is A Dance. Mindfulness Is Witnessing That Dance

Mindfulness is patient, receptive and judgement free awareness. Every moment is unique and we experience them by being fully open and engaged. Mindfulness lets our experience be the teacher.

Experiencing our fullness of being is possible when we are mindfully present. However, we can miss much of the passing show of life being distracted by our thoughts. I think we can learn a lot about mindfulness in the present moment from the ballerina doing perfect complex pirouettes…one of the most difficult of all dance movements. She must be fully into the pirouettes and that alone with no other thoughts distracting her in any way. We are only experiencing full presence when our attention is here and not lost in thought somewhere else. It is for ourselves and others that we want to be present. - R. Shingler

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Shingler We can learn alot from dance, ballet specifically. We need to mindfully put ourselves in the moment and less distracted in our day to day chores. Miss Layla here is a perfect example. Mom takes her to ballet with her brother. She stays and watches while trying to help her brother with his homework and answer text messages from friends, family and co workers before she rushes home to make dinner for the family and give the kids baths before putting them to bed only to start the adult routine of getting stuff done for the next day before she heads out the door to work at the hospital for her overnight shift. It is hard to stop and be in the moment with so much to get done but we need to take the time not only for our children but for ourselves too.

*using this scenario as an example as this mama very mindfully pauses to watch her beauty dance.

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