How Choosing A Playful Familiar Location Is Key

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Imagine a world where you didn't stress over family photos and just let the adventure unfold along the way.

You have done all the heavy lifting to get to your session. You did all the shopping and preparing. You got everyone dressed, packed the snacks and put on your makeup. You are ready to go. Now is usually when the fear of what ifs set it.

What if ...

“What if you were to say even if instead of what if?.”

Even if your family does not rise to Pinterest perceptions or Instagram squares, that doesn't mean your session is doomed to fail. It is ment to succeed. Let the kids run. Let them play in the sand or spin in circles and fall down in laughter. These are the memories you want to preserve. The real moments of your incredible family.


It begins when you learn to let go.”

This was a very special place to the family

And being as familiar as he was this his little guy did not want his portrait taken with the cousins at all. He was very wiggly and wanted to explore. So explore we did. He played in the sand and build "sand castles" and watched the boats . He didn't need to stand and smile and look at me, he just needed to be him. As you can tell in the second picture, he did get comfortable enough to flash us a few smiles.

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