Free Photos for Public Safety Families

I love that I got to be a part of dozens of photographers coming together (this is done each year) for one weekend to give back to the community and those in it who keep us safe and their families.

COVID certainly changed things this past year but that doesn't mean we have to stop. Life is about going with the flow and changing as needed so here we go ...

Polar Square Designs stated "if restrictions continue to lift as the summer progresses and it’s safe to run the event, even in a diminished capacity, I will certainly readdress it at that time with the venue and photographers’ input. For now, though, I’m putting the pause button on the whole thing. If you’ve been photographed at a past event and can do so, consider purchasing a family portrait session or gift certificate from one of the many photographers who have donated their time and talent to this event, providing hundreds of families with beautiful portraits."

I am hoping and praying that this summer we will be able to get back to giving back to the community in such a beautiful way. Community is what we all need right now and in this business I firmly believe Community over Competition is what will get us all through.

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