Easy & Fun Virtual Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

This school year has been unpredictable and, let’s be honest, more than a little stressful. We’re feeling it, our kids are feeling it, and some days are just better than others. That’s why finding moments of joy are so important—even if we’re far apart! We’ve put together a list of easy and fun virtual Valentine’s Day activities for kids to give February a little mid-month love!

1. Digital Valentine's Day cards are so much fun to make and receive. We love www.greetingsisland.com

2. Play a zoom game with friends. https://www.weareteachers.com/20-fun-zoom-games-for-kids has a whole bunch of ideas.

3. Handmade cards sent via snail mail. Kids love to receive mail.

4. Get dressed up and have a party. Dig out their finest reds, pinks, or any other color their love to wear and put on some dancing music.

5. Bake a sweet treat together. Chocolate covered strawberries are our favorite.

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