Don't Blink Because You Will Miss It

Updated: Mar 16

"I don't want these to be the very best days. That would mean in 10 years, my best days will be long behind me. Instead, I want to use these days to mold my child's life, but also mine and my husband's, into a life filled with joy and love and adventure." I read this from an snippet on motherly. "That doesn't mean anything extravagant, really. It's a million little things.

It's pouring love into my child so that he can one day stand on his own, securely and confidently.

It's staying in and saving money so we can help build financial security for our future.

It's working hard at my job, including late nights and early mornings, so I can grow and maintain my career for when my house is quiet and my son can make his own lunches and I can shower by myself again. It's my husband and I making time for each other, so we will enjoy the season in our lives when the kids are gone and we can spend our days together again, meandering at a store or leisurely eating dinner. It’s even making time for myself—setting goals, exercising, reflecting, pursuing new things— so I can find both calm and fulfillment in the day-to-day. So I can be proud of a life well-lived. I want to look back on these days with fondness and love, remembering the joy and chaos of life with small children. But I hope that I look back with equal fondness on all the other moments in between—the first day of school, our conversations at dinner, my children as adult standing on their own two feet—and am proud of the life our family built together, one cherished moment at a time." Life moves quickly and so does time. Don't spend another minute wasting away the little moments. Love on those kiddos like it is going out of style.

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