Adventure Without The Risk

Nothing you ever do for your kids is ever wasted. No adventure no matter how small goes unnoticed and that includes a trip the the town waterfall.

The key to getting older and stronger willed children to cooperate is to put the in nature and let them explore. No one wants to stand in front of a backdrop and say cheese and guess what neither do the kids. So off we went to the waterfall. There were lots of geese hanging around and waters flowing while glistening from the sunshine. As soon as the boys got out of the car they ran right over to the water to see what they could find. Next came a little parent assisted balance act of walking out just a tad to get a quick picture of them together. Of course they were very happy to get their own time in front of the camera too but the best moment was when big brother tickled his little brother and it made them both laugh uncontrollably.

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