Falling In Love, Literally

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

It is no surprise to anyone that autumn is my favorite season. From colors to pumpkin spice and just the release of it all as we watch how beautiful it is to let things go. I wasn't ready to let this go however. My father died a few years ago but just a few years before that my parents got the photo bug. My mom hated "pictures", you know the stand in front of the camera and smile uncomfortably pictures and so when I bugged them it only made it worse until one day, she gave in. We had so much fun. I choose the location, date and time and they chose the attire. The first session (not pictured here) my parents showed up in leather; cool right, except I was not excepting that from my conservative folks. Our sessions were fun and full of laughs and rolling around and new ideas. This would be our last session of the two of them. They were cute and silly and funny. They were everything I am always think of when anyone would mention my parents.

None of us make it out alive, so capture life as it is. There are no rules saying empty nesters can't have fun photos too.

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