5 Ideas For What To Do With Your Cake Smash Photos After The Cake Smash

Updated: Feb 16

Ever wonder what to do with all the photos from your child's 1st birthday cake smash photos? Well, we have some ideas for you.

The last thing you want to do is let them sit in a drawer on a USB somewhere. You want to remember all the details of your growing baby. You can use them for invitations or thank you cards.

Create an album of your pictures or print a few and complete your child's 1st year baby book.

Grandparents love 8x10s framed for their end table or wall. Why not gift them a few or make a small accordion album they can keep.

Another idea is to hang a gallery wall in your baby's room.

Print your images and you can make a nice fun personalized banner with rope or ribbon and small clothes pins. Perfect for party decor or on your wall.

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