5 Free Apps to Help You Find Your Zen

"Zen is a way of peace. ... In the most basic terms, to the best of my ability, I would say that to be a Zen parent is to be in a state of flow with parenting itself. To be in a state of flow with parenting means being simultaneously connected to your children's needs, as well as your own." Dr. Conte writes.

The first app I want to tell you about is one that my girls and I find very helpful in focusing on the positive throughout the day. It's called 21 Days Challenge - Life Changing Habits. You select the "challenge" and the perimeters and notifications on your journey. 21 days to help you focus on what's important. This is a great app to use with your kids and betters halves as well. It is a great reminder that you are in charge of your feelings, good and bad.

It takes 21 days ..

It takes about 21 days to form a new habit, good and bad, so why not make it a good and productive one.

The next one I want to tell you about is called Fluid. Fluid can solve your problem if you are feeling bored or anxious! Play with fluids with a touch of your fingers. Play and experiment with these swirling substances. Gorgeous visuals will take your breath away and help you to relieve stress. You use your fingers to swirl around the screen and you see what looks like colored bursts of fire. It is completely memorizing.

MyLife Meditation App

Little snack sized pieces of audio content to help guide and remind you to stop and breathe and not be so hard on yourself. There are all sorts of mini lessons to listen to. It comes in both Spanish and English within the app. 5 minutes out of your day to take time and recenter oneself. Sign me up! Oh and did I mention it's FREE.

Empowering Parents

Remember anxiety is contagious; so is calmness."

Rain Sounds - Sleep & Relax app is all about the sounds of nature. I personally use this app on those hard to fall asleep nights and I am out within 6 minutes. I love that the sounds each bring to front a memory. The rain falling on the tent as my husband and I stuffed our 3 children and the dog into a 4 person tent. Rain falling on leaves sounds so real when you close your eyes. I can remember being a young girl and at the craft shack on a rainy day at camp and hearing those same sounds out the windows as we used gimp to make bracelets. Evening lake takes me back to our first camping trip in a camper. All the sounds of frogs and birds. To all of these you can add music by the piano, guitar, harp and more.

App Called Gratitude: Journal, Affirmations & Vision Board

Vision board is one of the most powerful ways to visualize your goals and keep you focused. Quickly create beautiful vision boards that go with you everywhere using this app. You can customize it with photos and color changes. There are challenges for you to try, quotes of the day and journaling areas all neatly organized and simple to access.

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