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Preaching in Pumps

When the minister of a church has a blog called Preaching in Pumps you can only imagine the awesomeness that comes along with knowing her. Rev. Sarah is a real life blessing. She is a real down to earth fun loving non perfect human of amazing proportion. Preaching at the Rehoboth Congregational Church, or #rccstrong as you will learn to know and love from the moment you enter the front doors, may be her job but its her community love that stands out. Feeling sad, she is right there. Had a rough day, she is right there. In need of something and you don't even know what that is, she is right there. She is right there. Wherever whenever however she can help she is right there to assist. So when she called upon me for headshots I was right there for her.

Check her podcasts out over at www.preachinginpumps.com or www.rehobothucc.org.