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My name is Amy and I have been in business with my mobile studio since 2013 and have been loving every minute of it. I am a portraiture photographer specializing in families of special needs children. 

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Congenital heart defect awareness happens every February. People from around the world show their support to those affected by the defect. Those who show their support in pictures usually have a small hand cut paper heart in their hands. Those with a zipper written on...

I love talking one on one to clients. I love even more when I hear the words surprise gift. I mean really is there any better surprise than pictures :-) My extended family is definitely all about pictures; they are timeless. 

It was a cold January morning but the s...

My son. He is quite the character with all the faces he makes. Someone once said, "he is an animated version of himself". Those words still ring true today. My little man started off entering this world at just 3lbs. 4oz. just 5 short years ago. Each year is not only a...

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