Hi There

My name is Amy and I have been in business with my mobile studio since 2013 and have been loving every minute of it. I am a portraiture photographer specializing in families of special needs children. 

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Spring Is Finally in the Air

Finally I can smell spring it the air. The crisp clean newness of it all seems to make all the hustle and bustle of daily life just fade away. I love sitting on my porch having a drink (of any kind) while I listen to the birds chirping and the wind chimes play while the kids run around playing outside with the neighbors. As Lent approaches near I am reminded that this time of year is a new start, a new beginning, and I am consciously embracing it. Welcome Spring.

New Life

Little Miss Annette finally made her arrival after many months of heartburn and sitting on mama's back. She weighed in at 7lbs 7.5oz and mom and dad are doing great. Dad is back on the big rigs and you can find mama and her kiddos at the playground happily swinging from the monkey bars these days. Annette's siblings are all very excited and happy she is home and love to help mom in any way they can. Take a look at this sweet in home newborn session. Love making detail collages and of course big brother had to have his picture taken too :-)

Simple Beauty

So between working, taking classes, owning a business and a blizzard the last few weeks have flown by quickly so when I was given beautiful light and few quiet minutes alone with my daughter I excitedly grabbed my camera and tried something new. As soon as I uploaded the images to my computer I completely fell in love with them. They are so natural, so simplistic, so HER that immediately ordered it for my wall. Take a look and tell me what you think.

It's My Party...

YAY!!!! Time for cake smushing! I did a little preview video of this on my instagram account; boy was I nervous in front of the recording camera. So the scene was set and all in place when Miss P. got there. She was so adorable in the tutu and bow her mama made her for her birthday. We took so not messy pictures first and then brought the cake out and she wanted nothing to do with it BUT she loved the fondant snowflakes, go figure. She was an absolute delight to have in the studio. www.instagram.com/jbymphotography Cake made by Stephanie at Silva Sweets in Warren, RI