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My name is Amy and I have been in business with my mobile studio since 2013 and have been loving every minute of it. I am a portraiture photographer specializing in families of special needs children. 

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Tom Sawyer

I found a new location for fall sessions and I immediately fell in love. Of course, I had to take my son to test the location and oh my goodness this quickly became my favorite location. I may offer these mini sessions next year because the amazing amount of love on facebook and through emails. These are perfect for little boys. There are so many mini sessions for little girls with tutus and frills and not so much for boys with the exception of superheros but these, these are perfect. From the gummy worms to the metal pail this session was a home run for this mama.

Salty Air

The salty air, the wind in my hair and the sand in my toes made this family session so easy and comfortable. Having photographed them many times before the kids knew my tricks and made me earn their smiles. I loved chasing them on the beach at sunset and watching, photographing while mom and dad play with their children in a very relaxed atmosphere. It ended the summer sessions perfectly.

Mermaids for Days

So the mermaid crazy hit the circuit with breastfeeding mamas with their babies and adorable little girls all wanting to be a mermaid themselves. I had to jump on the bandwagon and put my own twist on it with some adult models. Wow did these young women knock this session out of the park. These were so much fun to do and a perfect out of the box opportunity to jump on.

Will You Marry Me?

Surprise proposals. It was a rainy week with no sun in sight until sunset on this particular night. Large boats were passing through the bay without a soul in site. Just then a couple appears with their dog. A nervous young man anxiously awaits the moment to ask his beautiful girlfriend to be his forever in marriage. The scene is set, the photograph ready and the moment arrives. With love in his heart and nerves in his hands and kneels down in front of her to ask for her hand in marriage. As he awaits her response I silently click away to capture the reaction we all hope will be a YES. Scroll down to find out what she said.

Beach Bum

Is there a better way to spend the summer than on the beach at sunset?! This family doesn't think so. Miss A and her family love to hang out on and play in the sand. From sand castles to riding the waves this is what summer is all about.

Grown with Me

12 images 12 months 1 final product. This is just some of the customization we do here at Just Between You & Me Photography. This was so very hard to keep as a surprise from God mommy to Mommy. The beautiful growth of a child within the first year definitely needs to be documented in photos for years to come and what a better way than to present a beautiful finally product when your child turns one. Here are a few fun images of the sessions throughout the year and the final product at the end :-)