Heroes among us

Eight years ago I almost lost my life giving birth to this boy. I went from being fine one minute to diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count in pregnant women) rushed from one hospital to another in fear of me seizing and being prepped for an emergency delivery at 33 weeks pregnant. Not the homecoming I prepared for with 2 little girls at home. At just 3 pounds 4 ounces this guy made his entrance into the world. Having a baby so small means a guaranteed visit to the NICU. We were there 17 days. Such a small number but eight years later still feels like a forever. I honestly do not know how we made it work. I couldn't leave without my child. I coul

Love is in bloom

Since spring will be here in a few short months we thought we would take a minute to share these incredible images from an engagement session at the tulip farm. It was a beautiful windy cloudy day with tons of people. Rows and rows of flowers lined up for all to see and pick for their beautiful arrangements. The couple only had one day to get these done at this location so off we went to make it work. These two were so cute together. *wedge heels are not suggested for this location although our bride to be did a beautiful job. Check it out .....

Mother strong

There is strong and there is Army strong. Then there is the strong you have to be to be an Army mom. There hasn't been much said about the military mom. Yet no wars could ever have been won without her A military mom is a teacher of independence, perseverance, discipline and integrity; possesses a great sense of humor and can make a house a home. She is a woman of quiet strength who has shaped the hearts of our bravest heroes and taught them to value peace above all. The military mom is unshakable in love for her country. That is how she is able to let go of her most precious treasure - a son or daughter. We proudly salute the military mom. *author unknown

In case you wanted to quit today ...

We would just like to take a minute to say thank you to all our service men and woman and their families. In case you haven't felt it today ... You are appreciated. In case you wanted to quit today ... Don't. You are needed. In case you need to talk but feel no one will listen ... There are many who will. In case you haven't heard it today ... THANK YOU! *a poem by blue blood sisters

Happy New Year

Hellllloooooooooo 2019! We had a very busy and productive 2018. There will be lots of fun exciting changes and additions coming to Just Between You & Me Photography this year. We will be introducing new products as well as flash specials on different products throughout the year. You won't want to miss those. Some ways you can get the scoop.... We share some of our behind the scenes on instagram. Over at facebook we share a few images from your session so you can share with friends and family far or near. We also have a facebook VIP group which offers fun day to day chats and exclusive sessions. By joining our mailing list you will get updates the instant they occur. Several of you have pur