50 never looked so good

Five friends, five decades; Wiser and even better than ever. I have never met such an incredible bunch of women. What a great celebration for all these ladies. 50 years has never looked so good on these girls. We celebrated with wine and a little black dress, that is until we pulled out the tutus. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES. The year of celebration will be a cherished one for sure.

Those summer days

Dear Summer, With New Englands constant weather change I find myself longing for your warm summer days lately. I am not normally a summer person as I prefer the cooler fall weather above all. Just looking at this session reminds me of all the reasons I love summer .... childhood. Childhood is a short season of life that shapes the rest of your life and if you carry it with you through life you will never become older. Summer please hurry up and get here. Sincerely, Impatiently waiting for summer

Down by the crick

Fishing. One of my families favorite past times but with kiddos it looks a bit different. With families of special needs it looks a lot different. These mini sessions were so perfect for the kids because it was safe. Flat land to water spot to sit, stick and rope with no fishing hook and best of all edible worms; the kind mom would approve. I had so much fun with all the little kids who came by to fish with us. Enjoy!

Celebrating love all month long

Valentine's Day may be one day a year but here we celebrate it all month long. There is nothing sweeter than pairing your birthday with the season in your birth month. Love, could there be a better season?! :-) Look how adorable this little guy is. Cake by: Sweet Fantasy Cakery & Confections Warren RI

Love is love

This is what 10 minutes in front of the camera with me looks like. I have been photographing this little beauty since she was in utero. I love seeing the person she is unfolding into. Love is this sweet little girl right here. Check it out.

A beautiful mess

The new cake smash baby photo trend is ridiculous cute. The messier they get, the cuter the pictures get. Some kids are all in and other need to keep their hands clean. It's all good with us. Nothing quite says beautiful mess like first birthday cake smash photography. Keeping things simple and always having a clean up plan is key. At Just Between You & Me Photography you enter and leave clean with our bubble bath option :-) It's a beautiful mess and we happily embrace the chaos of it all.

A rainbow of fun

The more you praise and celebrate your life the more there is in life to celebrate. Life should not only be lived but celebrated and celebrated often. We love to celebrate with cake around here. From violet to red and all the colors in between. Cake by: Sweet Fantasy Cakery & Confections Warren RI

Are blue eyes common?

Blue eyes are quite common amongst people, especially those born in Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia. The reason behind this eye color is low amounts of melanin within the iris stroma. In Central Asia and Middle East, blue eyes are pretty rare. Do you have blue eyes? Harrison is 6 months old. What a great way to capture these moments by heading to the Christmas tree farm to have some fun with mom and dad. It may have been a bit cold but they were troopers. And look at how perfect this blue plaid brings out his eyes.