Happy Birthday!

I would like to wish my son a happy 7th birthday.Every day with you is a complete joy and I couldn't ask for a more loving son. You are a mini of your dad and I could not be prouder of you. Happy birthday little man.

The importance of capturing milestones

Moments like these are fleeting. They come with long days, tired mamas and lots of caffeine. Children grow so much the first few years of life. One minute they are these tiny little beings in your arms sleeping most of the day to running around non stop. Their ability to pick up on life is extraordinary.These sweet little ones have that natural charm and beauty to them. One of the best reasons for you to consider capturing your baby’s milestones in photos is that pictures effectively record memories. Cake smashes are the best because they are so simple. A baby and a cake. You never know what their reaction is going to be and 9 times out of 10, it’s priceless! Cake by: Sweet Fantasy Cakery &

Mother and son relationships

I never really understood the saying "mama's boy" until I had my son. There is just something about the sweet relationship between a mother and son that is unlike any other relationship in the world. It's honest and real. "Your son holds your hand for a little while but your heart forever." Truer words have never been spoken. Happy Birthday Braden! You put the smile on your mama's face everyday :-)

Double the giggles, double the grins

Double the trouble when you're blessed with twins. These two were all about getting into some good clean trouble during their session. They loved pulling and pushing each other all around the farm. How lucky are these two girls that get to grow up on a dairy farm?!

Skating through childhood

I love photographing sessions that is tailored to a child's personality. This little man was dying for a skater boy session, so for his birthday we obliged. He totally pulled off the look. I love that the town of Bristol graffiti mural is right behind him. These are gonna make some awesome canvases for his room.

Cheers to the New Year!

Hello! I see many new faces coming through my site lately. Welcome. 2018 is going to be an exciting year with some exciting new offers. We are really happy to be able to offer new products and a new easier more efficient way to book your session. January is always a bit of a busy month for us personally as there are many family celebrations to plan and enjoy. I will be updating with many sessions from the last 2 months now that the holiday is over. Please sign up on our site to receive notifications as this will be the first place new details throughout the year will be released. Stay warm. Amy :-) Photo of me and my tribe taken by Kayla Pento Photography