Allergies got you down?

Allergies reek havoc on day to day life. Constantly reading labels, asking for ingredients, researching alternative solutions. Not to mention trial and error. Mr. Geoffrey has his own fair share of allergies and trials. So how do you enjoy a cake when dairy and peanuts are a huge issue? You adapt! Karlene at Sweet Fantasy Cakery & Confections knew exactly what to make. A strawberry filled layered naked cake. The results ... well, see for yourself :-) Cake by: Sweet Fantasy Cakery & Confections Warren, RI

In our Christmas jammies

I love that every year this family goes all out for their holiday session. The deer topped it off for me this year. How adorable is this?! Scroll down to the bottom for a real laugh out loud moment.

Three days only

For 3 days only we are releasing these super special savings on both print products and sessions. Amazing deals for both now and next year. These deals will end midnight on Monday November, 27th 2017.

Have a birthday coming up?

Birthday sessions are so much fun. They can bring anything they love at this age: a superhero cape, a stuffed animal they sleep with at night, their favorite blanket the can’t part with, etc. and we will capture their smile, laughter, and personality.

Holidays are upon us

The weather has been on our side this season but for those of you looking for indoor holiday photos, especially for those little ones, here is our set up. Simple and clean :-) Everything you need for that perfect holiday card.

Did you know?

Did you know that we now off seasonal cake smashes. All the fun and excitement of the season with match with the thrilling milestone of a cake smash. This amazing candy corn session was just the perfect combination for this amazing little man.

Special families

What a special session this was with Miss A and her family. Just when it seemed everything was stacking against us together we made it work and the outcome was beautiful. When the wind closes one door it opens another and we jumped right in with both feet. Why you may ask; because that's what we do for our JBYM family. I can't wait to photograph them again in the spring. :-)