Are your kids friends?

I love my children. They are the reason I document so many other families along side my own. As a mom I never want them to feel alone or left out or forgotten. I want them to go up being best friends at no matter what life throws at them. I have 3 very different children. Their likes and dislikes, their behavior responses and even the way the sleep is so different from one to the other. They bicker a lot and I have always gotten involved or intervened in some way to quickly deescalate the situation. But I think I may have done more harm than good because now they can disagree without fighting. Each day is another day to practice and instil patience and understanding for one another. I love

For all the Disney fans out there

Throwing it back to 2.5 years ago when one of my besties decided to celebrate her 35th birthday in a huge way. Being a Disney fanatic it seemed only right to celebrate with the mouse. I love this crazy chick.

No Rush

I am often reminded to slow down when photographing toddlers. How is that when they are running non stop?! This sweet little boy started off all dressed up ready to go and play but it was clear after a few minutes that he wasn't happy. Something was bothering him. He was very upset and all the normal calming tricks was just not working. After some troubleshooting his mom realized that his shoes (which new) were the issue. So what did we do? We sat together on the path, with his shoes off, and a drink and a snack and just slowed down. Mom and I talked while he found his calm and relaxed. Soon after we ready to run around and chase those smiles with his dimples for all to see. No rush, Slow do

Cake smash by the lake

Having a little boy is so much fun. Having a little boy who loves all the fun activities you do is incredible. Whether it's dads little golf buddy or fishing partner the father son bond is very strong and amazing to witness. As the children grown, so do their bond with each other. Today we commemorated a 1st birthday with a cake smash by the lake. Enjoy! Cake by Sweet Fantasy Cakery & Confections

It's so hard to let go.

When is comes time for your yearly updated pictures of your children it is very important to get their true self. Let them have fun and let their hair down. Maybe you don't want that picture of your daughter picking her nails on your wall and that's ok. I promise you though you will want it in your memory book. She will want it as a way to look back at her childhood and see her in her raw natural form. Let them be, Let them be them.

Violets for Violet

Purple is a range of hues of color occurring between blue and red. The Oxford English Dictionary describes it as a deep, rich shade between crimson and violet. According to surveys In Europe and the U.S., the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety. And with that Miss Violets cake smash was created. Beautifully Swirled Cake by: Sweet Fantasy Cakery & Confections

Does your child has a huge personality?

Does your child has a huge personality? This girl does! She can just walk into a room and presence is felt. She will grow up to move mountains. She is fierce with such a sweet side to her. She is loved by everyone she meets. She is moms pride and joy. And now her is is at age 7 ready to conquer the world with 2 of her biggest fans.

Who needs hand to eat cake?

Just because you don't like your hands dirty doesn't mean you can't make a mess eating cake. This little man wasted no time digging right in and keeping his hands clean.