Pirate Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!! These are my kiddos. 12, 8 and 5. The month was so busy I very happy to take time and photograph them in a fun new location and I may have had to bribed them a bit but it was worth it. We were invited to 7 Halloween parties this year, it was crazy. I missed spending the night trick or treating with them but they were with friends and were very happy happy about that. I went to be with my mother as this holiday of sorts would be hard for her as we had a tradition each year before my father passed. Sometimes it's very hard to be a parent. Conquer and divide are not my favorite strategies but sometimes it's what you need to do for the sake of everyone. Hold fast to tradition

It's A ....

I posted for this family before when they revealed they were pregnant and now we get to find out what it is, YAY! I was so happy and nervous to hear the news of the baby's gender (I secretly hoped for twins but it's only 1) We decided to set up a tug of war seeing as how this is a large family and we wanted everyone to take part in this reveal. See below to find out the gender. DISCLOSURE: Mom was not hurt or anyone else in the process. These pictures are taken just so to give the illusion of a fall however the excitement from the kids is completely real.

Boys 4 Girls 1

Caratunk Wildlife Refuge gave way to some amazing fall sessions this year. God paints beautiful colors in nature and we were so fortunate to capture them throughout the season. A family of boys are not always up for pictures but they did a great job. We were fun, fast and silly; what more could you ask for. Enjoy!


Family ... noun, plural families. 1.a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not. Family is one of the most sacred of all things. They are always there when you need them.

Yearly Portraits

YAY, I love when clients come back year after year and at fall my favorite season too. Between practices, school, activities, etc. it's hard to find the time for such traditions but making the time is what life is all about. Memories, and lots of them. The girls were ready to go but the boys needed a little coaching. Thankfully mom and dad were nearby to help make everyone laugh. They did such a good job that at one point I had to put my camera down because I was laughing so hard. I can only imagine the dinner table with this crew. SO MUCH FUN!

A Mother's Love

How sweet it is to have one of your best friends ask you to take her family's pictures. Caratunk Wildlife Refuge played a huge role in our fall sessions this year. It made for the greatest backdrop for my clients and friends. We picked a warm afternoon during the week to meet. The Refuge was quiet and still so much that you could hear the bugs walking and buzzing around. Their navy blue was a fantastic contrast to God's paintbrush. We walked around talking and admiring the beauty that was in front of us. Miss B was ready for her close up and enjoyed holding my hand while we walked and photographed nature. It was such a great afternoon amongst honorary family.

Traditional New England Fall

Fall, my favorite season of the year. The crisp air, apple picking, homemade pies are just a perfect recipe for a traditional fall. I love the cool air blowing upon my face as a sweater warms the soul whole watching the kids play in the leaves. BEST time of the year. I think these kids agree too.

CSP in October

Commitment, strength, beauty and grace. The perfect words to describe this session. You would never know that this mama broke her leg and was in tremendous pain with it. She showed nothing but love and affection while she proudly took pictures with her little family of 3. Miss D of course brought all her personality to the table to make mom laugh and smile. This was one of those feel good sessions for sure as we shed many a tear to extreme laughter.

Before the New Arrival

Special needs photography is so dear to my heart. Some kids need to a bit more time to warm up to people. ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bipolar, Autism, DS, etc. they are all words to describe extra extraordinary individuals. Camron, age 6, is an extraordinary little boy who needs a little extra love during his sessions and he always bring some extra sweetness to share. This sessions was so needed as the family is expanding and this will be the last sibling session before the new addition of the new baby. Throwing leaves at me helped too, hahahaha.

A Family That Laughs Together Stays Together

There was no short of laughter with this bunch. Even the cat joined in on all the fun. It's always so much fun to use a clients backyard. It makes the memories so much more personalized. The days leading up to the sessions and the morning of where filled with crazy on and off rain. There were so many people in this sessions we prayed so hard for the rain to stop because rescheduling with so many people could be a nightmare. Thankfully the rain stopped for the session making a beautiful filtered sky. The cousins were so happy to see each other and the sisters sat back and chatted about the cute kids. It was an amazing afternoon with great conversations.

Down on the Apple Farm

Session at the Apple Farm during Apple Fest, of course, lol. My family visits this farm every year for their apple picking season (ok ok a few times a year hehehehe, they have amazing potatoes 100 acres dedicated to them in fact) the trees are just 6 feet so no need for ladders or apple grabbers (they must have a more technical name I am sure) and many many varieties. They are very kid friendly and also offer a market of fresh food, pumpkins and hayrides on the weekends. This session was no exception to all the amazing things the farm has going on. Cider, donuts, cookies and more. It was an instant hit for sure. Check it out for yourself: www.youngfamilyfarm.com

Young Love

Young couples in love. It's so sweet to see. I myself married my high school sweetheart. Now 22+ years later we have 3 beautiful children and 1 angel baby. Relationships so young are work, very hard work. This sweet couple just moved in together and couldn't be happier. I am so happy for them and even happier my work gets to grace their walls.