12 Year old photographer

Plymouth Rock. The name invokes many memories from my childhood. Truth be told it is not my favorite place, heck I don't even like it but after a rough 6 months we were in need of some adventure. We got wind that Plymouth was having a free Friday event and so off we decided to go on our little family adventure. I decided to have my daughter Sara, age 12, take my old Nikon d60 camera and have fun with it taking pictures of what she found interesting. As the mom and the photographer you can imagine how many photos I am not in so I thought maybe I will even get in one. Nope! Not one lol. But her images came out great. Have a look.

Graduation Day

YAY!!!! It's graduation time. What a special time it is to know that all that hard work has paid off. This graduation day is especially wonderful as both daddy and daughter graduated. Daddy completed his masters at BCC and Miss A completed kindergarten. Such a special time for the two of them.

Loss & Grief

June 1st started out with the passing of my father due to lung cancer diagnosed just 6 short months earlier. It was, and still is, a devastating blow. People grieve in all different kind of ways. Mine, which may not come as a surprise, is through photography. Photography is "a return ticket to a time otherwise gone". His time is gone but the memories I have captured are the ones I hold so close and dear to my heart. These keep me going through the tough times. I have thousand of pictures I made everyone take; from playing a game, to eating out, making cookies and holidays. I even made my parents take yearly portraits (Hey mom, how about a photo card with the dog for the holidays, lol). At fi