A walk through the city

I love talking one on one to clients. I love even more when I hear the words surprise gift. I mean really is there any better surprise than pictures :-) My extended family is definitely all about pictures; they are timeless. It was a cold January morning but the sun was beaming and this beautiful model was ready for her close up. There weren't too many people walking around which made finding different locations very easy. You know you done a great job when there are happy tears flowing at the end of the session :-)

Animated Jesse

My son. He is quite the character with all the faces he makes. Someone once said, "he is an animated version of himself". Those words still ring true today. My little man started off entering this world at just 3lbs. 4oz. just 5 short years ago. Each year is not only a birthday celebration but a real celebration of life. Each year when his birthday rolls around I get so excited to see how his personality changes and if it gives me any indication on the type of person he will become when he is older; well I can say is GOOD LUCK to us all for this comedian who has been dubbed Mayor just gets cuter and more animated each year. I couldn't choose his best face so a collage had to be made :-) Enjo